Welcome to Caudalie Crest

Sue and Ray opened the winery in 2009 with only two wines. This North Texas, boutique-style winery now offers a wide range of wines to meet the diverse tastes of the local wine lovers. Located ten minutes from any of the fast growing local cities-including McKinney, Celina & Prosper, it is a convenient spot to 'getaway' for an hour or two in your own backyard.   

The winery, a predominantly outdoor facility with a country feel and relaxed atmosphere, is a great choice for parties, groups, and weddings. With live music evenings, overnight parking for RVs through Harvest Hosts and High Tea on the farm (by reservation) all are welcome.

Join us at Caudalie Crest where you can follow the entire process from berry to bottle or simply relax and enjoy the end product! 




Wine will naturally occur if grapes are crushed and the juice is left in contact with the skins.  In fact, the grape has everything needed to create wine-sugar, yeast, and all other compounds we recognize in a good wine.  We believe the role of the winemaker is to control and enhance those natural processes.

Our wines are created from 100% Texas grapes, either from our own vineyard in Weston or from local producers. Our production techniques have always been as natural as possible, producing well-balanced, handcrafted wines.

Our Process

Other than a little help from the crusher de-stemmer at the very beginning, the entire wine making process is done by hand. Blending, bottling, even the labels are designed by our nephew in England, some are still printed at home, and all are applied individually with a home-made jig!

Once the wine is ready for bottling, we check the chemistry and make the final adjustments and blends, partly through measurement and always by taste.

 And that is how we simply finish what nature started!


Kind Sentiments


caudalie crest wine & vineyard

By: Jeff Cope | Read Article


We drove in to the winery and had a wonderful visit with Ray and Sue Verrill. We lived in N. California for years and the same hospitality was evident here as it was there - but with a TX twist y’all. We got a nice bottle of wine which we enjoyed later as we savored the memories of the day.
— Brian, Tripadvisor Review

Spent a delightful afternoon tasting wine (I highly recommend the Shiraz, Shiraz and the Texas Velvet) with friends. We went out to the barn to see the goats, which was a real treat!! First trip to Caudalie Crest and looking forward to going again.
— Elizabeth Van Allen, Facebook Review